Thursday, 19 January 2012

Community meeting Feb 5, 2012

On Feb 5 there'll be a Macedon / Mt Macedon community meeting to discuss the Community Planning Group's activities for 2011 and priorities for 2012.
This will include the Fire Safety group.

Feb 5, 2012, 2pm, Jubilee Hall, Macedon.

We need your feedback.

Anyone interested?
Anyone coming?

see  the CPG web site  for more info;    see the flyer 

Saturday, 15 October 2011

NSP for Macedon goes ahead

The project to convert Tony Clarke stadium to a Neighbourhood Safer Place was approved unanimously at the council meeting on Oct 12. In theory, it will be complete in mid January 2012.

Friday, 30 September 2011

NSP rejected

Apparently the plan to turn the Tony Clarke stadium into a "Neighbourhood Safer Place" was voted down 5 to 4 at a Macedon Ranges Shire Council meeting on Wednesday (Sept 28th), so it won't be going ahead without a lot more argument.
No details yet, but it doesn't sound good.

If you want the NSP, contact your local Macedon Ranges Shire councillor and express your support for it.

The minutes of the meeting should appear on the MRSC web site  in a few days, so we might find out more then.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Macedon Bushfire Mitigation Plan

Ron has drawn up a draft bushfire mitigation plan for the local area, on behalf of the Macedon Mount Macedon Fire Safety group. The final version of this plan will be incorporated into the Macedon Mount Macedon Draft Community Planning Report.
The Fire Safety group invites comment from anyone and everyone with a vested interest in the Macedon region. The group needs to gauge community opinion before going any further with this draft plan.

The details of the draft plan can be seen by clicking here, but the gist of it is:

Strategic fire breaks
  • facilitate harvest of the primary school  pine plantation and convert to a community park
  • reduce the fuel load in the Macedon Regional Park
  • consult with owners of local commercial pine plantations about setting up fire breaks
Neighbourhood Safer Place
  • a building protection zone around Tony Clarke stadium
  • Middle Gully Ck undergrowth
  • Cable St access to TC Reserve

Fuel Management
  • the railway corridor
  • local township fuel reduction
  • promote appropriate fuel reduction on private properties

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Priorities 2011

What are the bushfire  issues we should be thinking and doing something about in the area around Macedon and Mount Macedon?

vegetation management?
bushfire early warning system?

What should our priorities be?

Saturday, 5 March 2011

blog for fire safety group

Hi there MMMfiresafety group -- I've started this blog so we can discuss ideas faster and more easily than having just an occassional face-to-face meeting (which we should have as well).

"Posts" will be from the fire safety group.  "Comments" can be from anybody.
We can expect many to be anonymous.